Centered around the Norwegian Moving Image Industry, Carl invites new guests every episode to discuss and describe current events. Please send any tips or wishes to podcast@fxf.no

Episode 1 – Making of: Reven og Nissen – with Yaprak Morali and Are Austnes (English)

Reven og Nissen på NRK-nett-tv
Credit-song on spotify


Yaprak Morali
Are Austnes

Martin Andersson Aaberge
Michelle Klitgård From
Henrik Linnes
Frode Mohrsen

Olaf Gulbransson
Dave Osmond

Sunit Parekh
Bente Laurenz Jacobsen

Reven og Nissen at Lindgren Company

Goro Fujita

Dennis Storhøi
Baard Ingebretsen @ Uhørt
Gaute Storaas
Thomas Gustafsson
Peter Jöback
Moonica Mac

Will Ashurst 
Franck Aubry
Elin Marie Bugge (Maja)
Endre Skandfer @ Dunderfilm

Animation course in Volda
The Animation Workshop in Viborg

Host: Carl F. Corneil

Episode 0 – Manifest / Mission Statement (English)

In this episode Carl explains what this podcast is, and what we wish it to be.

Please send us tips on what we should cover on future episodes:

Here are the format that are mentioned:

“Facet”: Interview several people over time about the same themes, then edit these together as a continuous episode.

“Making of”: An episode centered around a particular project, interviewing several people about challenges and “wins”, what they’ve learnt etc.

“Retrospective”: One episode centered around a person / company / creative group and their work.

“Report”: Reviews of Festivals / Films, impressions and judgements. Visits at schools, talking to teachers etc.

“Tech deep dives”: Talking / debating about how different companies organize, schedule and solve technical problems, invite 3-6 tech-experts and let them talk and argument for their specific solutions.

“Meta”: Discussing the business as a whole, where we think it is going, where we should steer it and how we can affect it. How to get organized, find resources, develop businesses and ourselves.

“Off-topic”: Editing together conversations that happen in the studio, but aren’t necessarily directly connected to animation, or a sponsor. Things that have been going on in our lives recently etc.