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Tickets are now available on  http://www.nfi.no/105195/frame-by-frame
and www.filmweb.no.
Or directly from Filmens Hus counters.
Tickets are 250 NOK normal and 200 NOK for students.
The evening film comes as a bonus on top of this ticket.

Important information 1:
There are 195 seats available for Frame by Frame.
There will be only 115 seats available for the film From up on Poppy Hil!
If you are interested in having the film included to your ticket, please be sure to purchase your FxF ticket early!

Important information 2
I will have all the 115 tickets for From up on Poppy Hill.
If you are interested in seeing the film, after you purchase your FxF ticket, please mail me to book your Popppy Hill ticket:
Please remember there are only limited seats for this feature film screening!

Frame by Frame poster
 of this year was made by artists of Krüger og KroghBjarte Agdestein, Endre Skandfer & Ronald Kabíček.
Posters will be available for purchase during the day, signed by the authors.

Thank you to our sponsors!
NFI, GRAFILL, Gimpville, Filmkameratene, Qvisten Animation, Kool Production, Neofilm.

Thank you to our friends and collaborators:
Mikrofilm, norskanimasjon.no, Digital Storytelling, Rushprint, Gyldendal, Ben’s Cafe, Kortfilmfestivalen i Grimstad,

Fredrikstad Animation Festival, NeoTokyo, Store Dyret, Outland, Animation Conversation, Izakaya Oslo and more to come!
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