WIP Program

Portfolio Review with Kajsa Næss (director at Mikrofilm ), Are Austnes (production designer at  Qvisten Animation) and Shabnam Abbarin (pipeline TD at Sony).
– Norwegian Animation Industry Presentation
With NFI’s short film commissioner Lars Daniel Krutzkoff Jacobsen, Viken’s commissioner Cecilie Stranger-Thorsen, Grafill’s daglig leder Lene Renneflott, Stargate MediaTordenfilm, MikrofilmKool Produktion, Animaskin, Emile Awards, and FAF.
– first international guest: Shabnam Abbarin, pipeline TD at Sony Pictures Animation in Canada.  
– Norwegian Short films 2018-2019
– Second international guest: Nadya Mira, Production Designer of Revolting Rhymes
– Meet and Greet Anders Hesbø, who has made stop motion music videos for Stein Torleif Bjella‘s album.  
– Meet and Greet Qvisten Animation, and hear about the making of Captain Sabertooth and the Magic Diamond.
– Evening feature film screening, in collaboration with Filmens Hus: Mirai directed by Mamoru Hosoda
– Social gathering at Filmkafeen

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