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18. Apr

full program is ready!

Frame by Frame #20, on Saturday, April 27th 2024, at Vega Kino

11:00 portfolio review (at the foyer of the cinema)
with Kajsa Næss (director), Joachim Barrum (illustrator, designer and CG generalist), Laurie Rowan (director), Sunniva Fluge Hole (designer), Stig Saxegaard (art director and animator)

12:00 – 14:10 
Norwegian Animation Industry Presentation 
with MikrofilmQvisten AnimationMaipoStormExpanseSaurus and Animaskin

14:10 – 14:40 break

14:40 – 15:55
Meet & Greet: Jane Wu (USA)
Case Study: Snufkin – Melody of Moominvalley by Hypergames

15:55 – 16:30 break

16:30 – 17:30
Screening of Norwegian short films 2023-2024

17:30 – 18:00 break

18:00 – 19:45  
Meet and Greet: Laurie Rowan (Ireland/UK)
A.I panel with Joachim BarrumSyver LauritzsenFranck Aubry and Even Holte
Panel will be moderated by Yaprak Morali

19:45 – 20:15 break

20:15 – 21:35 
Evening Screening in collaboration with Vega KinoChicken for Linda!

21:35 – 00:00 Evening social gathering at Vega Snacksbar.
22:35  lottery
(with presents from Fredrikstad Animation Festival, Dyreparken, Bjørneparken, Blackbox Theatre, Dansens hus, Vega Kino, KEM, Kaffe Brenneriet, Frame by Frame and more to come!)

Online Ticket sales have now started!
Normal ticket: 280 NOK
Student discount: 220 NOK
A ticket will give you access to all the talks during the day + the feature film. Though there are limited seats for the feature film! (first come first served!)
You can also purchase your ticket at Vega Kino on the event’s day (Saturday, April 27th).

Thank you to our sponsors for helping us make this day possible!
NFI, Grafill Moving Image, Mikrofilm, Qvisten Animation, Expanse, Animasjonsdepartementet, Tordenfilm, Gimpville and Animaskin!

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16. Apr

Norwegian Animation Industry presentation

On Saturday, April 27th, at Vega Kino, we will start our program with the Norwegian Animation Industry Presentation session, where MikrofilmQvisten AnimationMaipoStormExpanseSaurus and Animaskin will show us what they have been working on this past year.

16. Apr

Short Films 2023-2024 screening

Here are this year’s selected films for the Norwegian Short Films screening!

14. Apr

Laurie Rowan

It’s with great pleasure that we present our second international guest speaker: Laurie Rowan!
Laurie is an animator, illustrator, director and art director known for his distinctive style and unique approach to characterization and playful modular design.
Looking forward to meeting you Laurie and hear about your career!
Don’t miss him on Saturday, April 27th at Vega Kino during Frame by Frame #20!

17. Mar

AI panel

During FxF#20 on April 27th at Vega Kino, we have invited veteran artists from the industry to tell us about their thoughts and experiences regarding AI.
Please join Joachim Barrum, Franck Aubry, Syver Lauritzsen and Even Holte in this AI discussion panel, with show and tells.
Joachim is a senior illustrator, designer, and CG generalist, who has worked in the industry since 1993.
Franck is partner and director at Racecar, has been in the industry since 2005.
Syver is the creative director of TRY Dig, and has worked within the design, technology and motion space for a decade.
Even works at Gimpville, he has been comping for 15 years.

about Jonas Odell

Jonas Odell is a Swedish music video and film director.
He was the founder of FilmTecknarna.
Odell, who specializes in a mix of animation and live action, has directed a number of short films, music videos and commercials. His short films Never Like the First Time!
and Lies  won international awards.
He has directed a vast array of music videos for some of the world’s leading artists: U2,  Franz FerdinandThe Rolling Stones and many more.
During FxF#14 Jonas will talk about storytelling in animation. If any of you have heard him this year during Fredrikstad Animation Festival be assured that it will be a different presentation!
He will among other things talk about the techniques he chooses for his stories and finish with a touch about his latest project.
We are very much looking forward to hearing and meeting you Jonas!


about Endre Skandfer

Endre Skandfer is an illustrator, art director, animator and director. 
He was involved in animation and designs for films such Kaptein Sabeltann, Kurt blir grussom, Elias, Fantorangen, Albert ÅbergIram Haq’s short film Skylappjenta, which became a children’s book illustrated by Endre in 2009.
He has developed the visual universe of Dunderly, written by Endre Lund Eriksen. 
At the same time, in 2014, together with Bjarte Agdestein and Ronald Kabíček he has made a brilliant comic book: Kruger og Krogh, a detective story set in an Oslo of 1960s’.
At Frame by Frame Endre will talk about his short film: Dunder.
What is so exciting about Dunder is that it was animated at Fabelfjord in Tromsø, it is a combination of 3d animation, where the characters were animated in Blender, and physically made maquette sets.
We are very much looking forward to hearing about the Making of Dunder Endre!
Here is the teaser of the film


about Elin Grimstad

Elin Grimstad is a children book author, illustrator and animation film director. 
She makes quirky animation films and illustrations from her own studio, blending animation, theatre and music. Elin has been involved in several puppet theatre production. In 2012 her first book was published, Månen som ville lyse som ei sol, which she wrote and illustrated.
Elin is active as a songwriter/ lyricist in the indie-pop band Je suis animal
During FxF#14 she will be talking about the making of  Eternal Hunting Grounds, her first animation film. It is a lovely short film shot on a multi-glass animation table using cut-out and replacement techniques.
The film will be previously screened during the “Animated Norwegian Short Films 2015-2016” session during FxF.
Check out the trailer here

about Rune Spaans

Rune Spaans is a veteran in the CG animation world in Norway.
With over 20 years of experience in design, animation and visual effects, he has contributed animation and VFX to films such as Monster Thursday and Trollhunter, and directed several award winning commercials. He has co-directed animated feature film such Pelle Politibil 2 and Knutsen & Ludvigsen og den fæle Rasputin.
The Absence of Eddy Table is his first short film, a CG animated horror romance short film, based on the works of Dave Cooper, produced by Tordenfilm.
On FxF#14, Rune will be talking about the making of The Absence of Eddy Table.
The film will not be screened, but you will have many little peaks inside Eddy’s world!
And for a little teaser check out these lovely new stills from the film!

12593556_10153369707511759_6812486536578598959_o 12891070_10153369707561759_3521566563022233696_o 12671965_10153369707471759_6973614737678866714_o

Aya Suzuki

Check out Aya’s wonderful work on her updated blog.


Oscar nominations

Congratulations to our guests and friends Mikrofilm and Cartoon Saloon on their Oscar nominations!


Our friends at Mikrofilm have started a crowd funding campaign to complete the financing for their short film “It Was Mine”!
The film is based on Paul Auster story “R”.
Check it out here.

Krüger & Krogh

Our animator friends’ comic book Krüger & Krogh is finally out!
You can purchase it here.

Ernest & Celestine

Our 2013 evening screening Ernest and Celestine is nominated for an Oscar!
Directors: Stéphane Aubier, Vincent Patar, Benjamin Renner
Les Armateurs/Maybe Movies/La Parti Production/Melusine Productions/GKIDS

Loyd Price

Our 2012 guest is now about to start shooting Shaun the Sheep series 4, and they are also in development of a longer format Shaun project.
Loyd has also been working with the Model making team developing the new characters needed for both of these projects.
At Aardman, they are also developing their next feature films, one of which will be a Nick Park film.

Tomm Moore

Our guest from 2008 is now directing the beautiful Song of the Sea.
Follow the Director’s blog here.

Je Suis Bien Content

Here is the web site of our guests from 2007
the French studio Je Suis Bien Content, who did Persepolis.

Studio Soi’s film on theatre stage in Oslo

Studio Soi’s short film der Kleine und das Biest will be played at the theatre in March, in Oslo.
Thank you Torben Meier for letting us know!
Follow this link for more information.

Folimage: Une Vie de Chat

Our guests from last year,  Folimage’s feature film Une Vie de Chat is nominated for an Oscar!
Congratulations to them!
more here

Torben Meier

Our Studio Soi guest from 2010 tell us that they just finished a Christmas special for the BBC called “the Gruffalo’s Child” that will air in Great Brittain on the 25th of December.
more info here

Guionne Leroy

Our lovely guest from 2009 is now back in her hometown in Belgium, she has since supervised the animation of
a CGI serie called “Minuscule”,  in collaboration with a structure called
the Pole Image” which aims to promote live action and animation co-productions.
French site here.

Tomm Moore

Our guest from 2008 will participate in an auction with his paintings.
See more info here

Adam Burke

Our guest from 2008  is still at Pixar, currently working on “Monsters University”.

Kine Aune

After finishing The Baker with Qvisten Animation, Kine is now preparing for her upcoming short film “Magic Times”.

Drifa Bensehir

Our guest from 2007, Drifa Bensehir was animation supervisor here in Oslo after Frame by Frame, on Knerten Gifter Seg. She now lives in Tokyo and works as a 3D animator there.

Kyle Balda

Kyle Balda, our guest from 2007, has now co-directed The Lorax for Illuminated, from France

Antoine Antin

After FxF in 2007, Antoine worked in the Illusionist (Sylvain Chomet), went to Japan to work for a Tokyo based French classical animation studio, and then worked on storyboards for A Monster in Paris (Bibo Film)
You can follow his work here