About Frame by Frame

How did Frame by Frame come to be:

In 2006 Kajsa Næss was home with her second baby boy. Kindergartens were full so she had no where to leave him, and was home with him.
Bored she was looking for ways to entertain herself. At the time other animation activities in Norway were not doing that well, so Kajsa had the idea of creating Frame by Frame. She called her friend Tom-Erik Lønnerød, who at the time was working at Grafill, to ask for his help. They managed to make Grafill Animation be involved by inviting a common guest. And then Lise Fearnley joined the group too.
This is the unofficial story of how Frame by Frame came to be. And we owe it all to sweet Jostein:

This is the official version:

Frame by Frame ble startet av Foreningen for animert film i 2006 som en arena for visning av ny, norsk animasjonsfilm. På den tiden var det få visningsrom for nyprodusert animasjonsfilm og bransjen hadde behov for et fora for oppdatering og informasjonsutveksling. Rundt midten av 00-tallet var høy aktivitet i det norsk animasjonsmiljøet – flere langfilmer og en rekke TV-serier var under produksjon – det var rett og slett et behov for å møtes og se hverandres arbeider. Etterhvert dreide fokuset på Frame by Frame, i takt med at stadig flere festivaler med fokus på animasjonsfilm ble etablert (Fredrikstad Animation Festival gjenopptok sitt nordisk/baltiske fokus, Bergen Animation Festival kom til og Animationvolda dukket opp) til en miks mellom internasjonal inspirasjon og hjemlig oppdatering. Og som en avslutning Lise Fearnleys magiske lotteri!


Our aim:

Every year, we organize a day of screenings and seminars focusing on animation.
Our aim is to gather as many people from all over Norway as possible,  to have a fun and inspirational day in Oslo.
We try to make the program varied with national and international guests and screenings.
We try each time to reach different parts of the industry to please everyone! Even musicians!


How do we make Frame by Frame:

We apply for funding, which is normally just enough to invite 2 guests from abroad.
We ask kind people &  studios & organisations to bless us with generous contributions, which pays for the preparation and more guests.
And the tickets we sell at the cinema entrance pay for the cinema itself!
Without your help we can not have variety in the program!


Frame by Frame is a non-profit and non-commercial organisation. Our members are animators from Norway doing volunteer work.


Who is Frame by Frame:

  • About Frame by Frame

    Yaprak Morali

    Yaprak first wanted to be a ballerina, but figured out she did not like sports, then an astronaut, but figured out she did not like maths, then a veterinarian, but figured out she did not like the sight of blood. She was 6 by then. At which point she figured out that while thinking of all of these, she was always drawing in front of the TV: What she liked the most was to draw and watch animation! So, after many years and a degree in Banking and Finance, she finally realized her dream of becoming an animator. She has been in the industry since 1998 first as a classical animator and then also as a 3D animator, also working on character designs, storyboards/animatics…. She worked on various projects for various companies a bit around the globe, then ended up moving to Oslo which she calls ” the land of the Happy People”. She draws and writes some children books. She is an avid lover of old Disney and old Japanese animations and comic books. She is also an avid collector of everything from the 80s, especially if they are super kitch.

  • About Frame by Frame

    Kajsa Næss

    Kajsa Naess is a director and animator. After graduating in animation at Volda University Cearsollege in 1996, she established Mikrofilm AS, a production company, with Lise Fearnley. For fifteen years, Mikrofilm have been producing short films screened at national and international festivals and winning several awards including an Oscar for their short animated film The Danish Poet. Her work includes animated short films, music videos and commercials.

    Hjemmeside: http://www.mikrofilm.no/

  • About Frame by Frame

    Lise Fearnley

    Lise Fearnley was one of the founders of Mikrofilm, an animation studio in Norway that produce animated and live-action shorts, as well as commercials and music videos. Among her credits as a producer is the Academy Award winner “The Danish Poet”. She was also in the group that started Foreningen for animert film

    Hjemmeside: http://www.mikrofilm.no/

  • About Frame by Frame

    Carl F. Corneil

    Young animator from Trondheim. Likes squirrels and electronica. Knows a lot about codecs, cords and the internet.

    Hjemmeside: http://www.aecorn.com/

  • About Frame by Frame

    Olve Askim

    Olve studied traditional animation in Ireland but has also done a lot of concept art, matte paints, illustrations and storyboards throughout the years. Currently he’s working in Gimpville, but has previously worked for Funcom, Filmkameratene, Qvisten, Storm Studios, Munich Animation, etc. Olve loves Jelly Beans and Japan.

    Hjemmeside: http://olvesblog.blogspot.com/

  • About Frame by Frame

    Maja Bugge

    Maja is born in Norway, and raised in the US. She first started to study biology, then moved to arts. She is a computer game animator, does also children book illustrations. She loves horses, chocolate and pink shoes!

    Hjemmeside: http://majadraws.blogspot.com/

  • About Frame by Frame

    William Ashurst

    After graduating from Bristol University with a 2.1 in Graphic Design/Animation in 1998 and passing with distinction from the renowned London animation school, Central St Martins in 1999, Will Ashurst has now worked within the animation industry for over a decade – his work ranging from film, TV series and computer games. In 2005, Will Ashurst and Paul Parkes created the hit TV series, King Arthur´s Disasters for Children´s ITV. It regularly won it´s audience share in the competitive children´s market. The first series earned Will and Paul a BAFTA nomination in 2006 for best animation and a BAA nomination for best children´s series. It´s popularity was rewarded with a second season. It is has been shown in numerous countries including Australia and Latin America. Will currently lives in Norway, with his family, and is freelancing as a CGI animator, traditional 2D animator and storyboard artist. He has worked on many feature animated films in Norway, Kurt Blir Grumsom and Pelle Politibil går i vannet for Qvisten Animation and Elias og Jakten på havets gull for Filmkameratene . He currently working with Filmkameratene for the new Blekkulf TV series in production with NRK.

  • About Frame by Frame

    Magnus Eide

    Magnus er utdannet filmviter og medieviter fra Høgskolen i Lillehammer og Københavns universitet og har arbeidet som festivalkoordinator for Fredrikstad Animation Festival fra 2009 til 2012. Han arbeider for tiden som webrådgiver i informasjonsseksjonen på Stortinget og er i tillegg freelance webdesigner og webutvikler og har blant annet laget nettsidene til Frame by Frame.

    Hjemmeside: http://flagget.no

  • About Frame by Frame

    Tom-Erik Lønnerød

    Tom-Erik fikk et lynkurs i animasjon gjennom arbeid med Animerte dager i Oslo på slutten av 90-tallet og var med på festivalens flyttelass til Fredrikstad rett før millenniet. Siden 2000 har Tom-Erik jobbet med ulike kunst- og kulturprosjekter. Først hos Kulturbyrået Mesén og siden som ansatt i Skien kommune. Til daglig er Tom-Erik prosjektleder for Kunstnerbyen Skien, men på natten er han redaktør for norskanimasjon.no. Tom-Erik var med på å starte Foreningen for animert film i 2005 og arrangerte de første utgavene av Frame by Frame.

    Hjemmeside: http://norskanimasjon.no/