Frame by frame #18

Our first post Corona edition, FxF #18, was a different one.
Frame by Frame has teamed up with Qvisten Animation, in collaboration with Fredrikstad Animation Festival to host:
The Norwegian Animation Convent with Japanese Animation Focus!
Date: October 21st, 2022
Place: Fredrikstad Kino

We had the pleasure of meeting some incredible guests from Tokyo:

Eiko Tanaka: founder and producer of the renowned animation studio Studio 4C (Animatrix, Mind Games, Memories, Tekkonkinkreet)

Koji Takeuchi: senior freelance producer (Conan the future boy, Anna from Green Gables, Chie, Cyber Six…) president of the Tokyo Anime Award Festival

Yasuhiro Yoshiura: director and writer of both short films and feature films, based on manga but also on original ideas.

– and finally the lovely Chisato Kuroda: producer of the Tokyo Anime Award Festival and part of the Association of Japanese Animation group.

Many people were involved to make this ambitious event come to life: Hosted by Qvisten Animation and Frame by Frame, sponsored by NFI, Virke, Fredrikstad Kommune, Grafill Animation, Fredrikstad Animation Festival, Japanese Embassy in Oslo, Mikrofilm, Gimpville, Kool Produktions, Expanse, Outland, Oslo Film Fond, Egmont Story House, Selmer Media. Thank you for a wonderful week!

Meet & Greet our friends from Outland
The event:

Photo album of the event can be found on Facebook: